Many families and individuals right now, as we speak, are suffering pain, rejection, fear, intimidation, pressure and are imprisoned within the confining walls of overbearing leadership. Are we speaking about domestic abuse? Or perhaps youth being bullied at school? No. Actually, these are the same people who are clapping during choir songs, amening the preacher in church, and at the same time, are going home to a never ending circle of marrital strife, problems in the home that can never seem to work out, and a stronger-than-ever pull by this world that dulls a closeness with God.

What we teach is the basic truth in God's word. While we are Apostolic in doctrine, and encourage living godly, we are not traditional in policies and practices.

We're not alone when we say "We're Tired of Politics!" We're tired of the cult-like practices in which seemingly good men of God handle church life as if it's a profitible business. Too many who are actively sinning while pounding the pulpit. Even more who treat the tithes and envelopes as a personal tool to gain their comfy, lush retirement and successful empire. Is this the way God instructs us to be "good stewards"?

You don't have to stay bitter or hurt by those in leadership who have hurt you. We believe that what the enemy has used to destroy you, God always means it for the good of them who love Him, to empower you for ministry.

Your suffering can become your success! Your mistreatment can become your entreaty of lost souls. Your scars can turn into stars, on your crown. Your burden and what you have gone through, can be turned around and used by God to be your ministry and your greatest asset!

It was Old Testament kings that not "only" conquered enemies, but "took spoil" to parade and gloat in. in essence, they became "more than conquerors" and obtained treasures from their battles.

God not only wants you to conquer your past, your pain and your fears, but to become MORE than a conqueror, and recieve SPOIL that the enemy left behind. That's what we believe. That's what can happen to you!

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