Online Poker: More Than Just A Game Of Cards

Online Poker: More Than Just A Game Of Cards

A game of poker played online i.e. on the Internet is known as Online Poker. There are several gaming giants to have taken the opportunity of bringing the game to the players not only on the world wide web but also through winbet2u mobile apps. The ease of access has increased the number of poker players worldwide manifold and continues to do so as we speak about it. There are games that allow the players to put real money at stake while others just provide a fulfilling experience without making it all about the money.


Online Poker has been a part of the gaming world since the late 1990s as the first online game with real money involved was played in January 1998. And there has been no stopping ever since. PokerStars, SportingBet, PartyGaming, etc. are some of the famous gaming portals which have been providing excellent gaming experience to the Poker players all over the world. Though PokerStars holds the largest market share as per the latest stats yet all of these gaming portals are equally famous as they continue to attract the players online with varying features and exciting prizes. Many of these portals serve as entry tickets for the gamers to get into the world Poker tournaments at

Legal Implications

Though most of the Online Poker games are purely meant for entertainment purposes, there are quite a few which offer real money services to gamers. Different countries have varying laws with respect to the Online Poker card rooms, while in some countries these are legal, others imply certain regulations on them.

India specifically has no particular ruling that states whether or not Online Poker with real money is legal or not. There has been a ruling which specifies that Rummy is legal as it is a game that involves skills and taking this ruling as a fallback most of the gaming portals continue to provide the services to their players. Yet some states like Odisha and Assam have banned it altogether and other states have cases going on under trial in the respective courts. It would be interesting to see how these cases unfold as the Gaming Companies continue to stress upon the fact that Poker is a game of skills and there is research that can help them rove the same. People often think how to play poker online.

Growth and Concerns

Irrespective of the legalities, the game of Online Poker continues to garner popularity all over the world. It has brought Poker players closer as the platform connects through the countries giving them a huge exposure which one wouldn’t get otherwise. Apart from the exposure, the game is so much more regulated with respect to addiction as well as collusion practices that make Online Poker much desired. 

Insider cheating has been another shared concern amongst the players but the Gaming companies have been able to prevent it for the longest time. There have been a couple or more instances known that came into the public eye and we’re dealt with utmost caution. 

Online Poker continues to grow and envelope many more tournaments under its umbrella for the Poker players worldwide.

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